The Green formed on O‘ahu, Hawai‘i in 2009 as a vehicle for six different members of Hawaii’s tight-knit music scene...

Who is
The Green?
caleb 3

Caleb (vcl)

Honolulu, HI
JP 2

JP (gtr/vcl)

Honolulu, HI

Zion (gtr/vcl)

Kailua, HI
bear 4

Ikaika (keys/vcl)

Kailua, HI

BW (bass/keys)

Kailua, HI
Jordan 2

Jordan (drm)

Pearl City, HI

348 Responses »

  1. Come to St. Paul, MN!!!!

  2. Please come back to Charlotte, NC! Much love!

  3. Anywhere in Texas you guys sell out! Come on back

  4. Please, come to São Paulo,Brazil !!! I love your songs, you are my favorite band.

  5. Come to Phillly……we love roots music.
    I will promote your show.

  6. Don’t forget about your So Cal peeps, much love for ya here. Also, where can I find posters of your album covers? I have been looking everywhere..preferably black light.

  7. Come to chicago! warm up this winter with your music!

  8. Please come to Brazil! You won’t regret and brazilians need to sing The Green songs looking into your eyes!

  9. Loved your show last night in Dallas! You guys are awesome. Keep the good vibes rollin’. Looking forward to seeing you again.

  10. come to nyc/nj please !!!!!

  11. Please come to London!!! I know lots of people that will come out!! Love your music!! Sending love your way!

  12. What about Hawaii?! We need you at The Shell in Oahu!!

  13. Best dream concert; either Red Rocks Colorado or Maui Hawaii

    The Green
    BO Napoleon
    Tarrus Riley

  14. Please do an Australian tour. Theres heaps of kiwi and ozzies that love your music :)

  15. Loved listenin’ to the Green when i lived in HI. Hope you all can come out to Colorado sometime! Keep up that chill HI reggae jam!

  16. Do as our Katchafire friends , appear here in southern Brazil .
    The vibe is very good and the beautiful women.
    It would be wonderful to hear the sound of you live !

  17. Thank you for finally coming to Kansas City … we will be there!

  18. Come to Santa Cruz, CA!

  19. Seattle Fans here wanting for The Green to share the love!! Please come to the Pacific North West!

  20. Another concert is Washington State is a must!! Bring a little piece of the island I call home to the North West!

  21. No Washington State!?!?!?! so sad boo :(

  22. We’re waiting for you guys in Colorado!!!!!

  23. WTH! totally skipping LA/OC????

  24. Please please please come to CaliRoots Carolina Sessions this year!!! Or at least somewhere close to Va/Nc!!! Y’all are pretty much the only reggae band I haven’t seen and y’all are my #1 favorite!!!!!!!

  25. Not only come to CHICAGO but come to LOLLAPALOOZA. You boys are messing up by not picking up a spot in the festival. You’ll draw hundreds, Rebelution was their last year and it was a hell of a show. Make it happen.

  26. Please come back to Boston for a make up show!! We missed you with all the snow :(

  27. We got you guys covered in Austin, TX! Hit us up next time you are coming through and we can put you together a nice show! Bless!

    – Phive

  28. What?! No Austin?!

  29. See you Tucson! Aloha <3

  30. COME TO RENO NEVADA!!!!!!!

  31. Man!
    I regret not seeing you guys when you came to sac, cali last year!
    Hopefully ya’ll can make it out here again in the future!

  32. Please come to Pittsburgh or Cleveland!!!? I lived on Oahu for 6 years…love you guys! When I moved back to the mainland you came to the HOB in Cleveland two week later and my sister and I came. PLEASE COME BACK!!

  33. More dates in L.A. Please!! Saw you in Redondo Beach and OC Fair In 2014. This Kailua girl needs her Green fix!

  34. Come to Burlington, VT!!!

  35. I can hear The Green coming to Central Virginia :) Is it February 2015 yet?

  36. Please come to Pensacola, FL! I grew up in HI. Your Aunty S.Keolanui. is my cousin! I LOVE your music. Got a friend hooked on your songs. Bring some Islands to the Panhandle please!

  37. Loved driving 14 hours to see you from Edmonton to Vancouver. Would love it even more if you did somewhere closer like Calgary or Edmonton. Great concert though.

  38. I am so sad that I won’t be able to go to your guys concert !!! We are flying out to the big island Hawaii the day you guys come to park city Utah !! You have to come back to Utah I would really love to go to your concert. :)

  39. I am stoaked that you guys are coming to spokane.
    You guys should throw a reggae fest at the gorge with Soja,Common Kings,Tribal Seeds,Iration and Rebelution
    It would make my entire life

    • I’m artist and the green is my favorite reggaeband next to chronixx. Please perform ‘decisions’ as originally recorded. Don’t Mix it up Mon. Nuff raspect in every aspect. I’m a Liberian and currently in Atlanta. I played bass on Reggae all stars band west coast backing Frankie Paul, Carlton coffee, shinehead, merciless, Luckie d, Tony Curtis, simple Simon, recorded with Axx of Jahpostles etc.. available for live bass with u guys. Love Hawaiian reggae connects with J-Boog, SOJA etc. Big up the Green!!! Jah bless. 678-600-2949

  40. Cheeeeeee can’t wait to see you guys tomorrow night at the Showbox Seattle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Come to Austin, TX!!

  42. I am sorry if I disturbed your vacation last night during the late night snack attack , but when my girlfriend spotted you behind us I had to get a selfy! Good luck and many blessings while on tour….ALOHA!!!!

  43. Oh no!!!! I went to buy tickets to your Portland concert & I was crushed to see it sold out. I saw your last 2 concerts in Portland & we even took the kids to see you guys in Eugene this summer. So disappointed that we won’t get to see you :-(. Come back soon!


  45. HOUSTON!!!!!

  46. Come to New Jersey or New York or Phili! I just want you to come to the east coast so i can see you guys.

  47. Norfolk VA, the Norva PLEASE!!

  48. Hope you guys can make it to Ohio sometime soon. Can’t wait to see you guys live again.


  50. We are excited to have you in spokane.
    The crowds are always crazy for reggae in spokane.

  51. Come to Orlando!!!!

  52. bring da kine to reno cuz. one love!

  53. Come to Charlotte, NC!

  54. Newport, Oregon needs to see you!

  55. The Great Pacific Northwest loves you! Seattle-area, specifically. We be reggae-starved. Check me?

  56. We brazilians, hope The Green here.

  57. Venhaaaaaam PARA O BRASIIIIIIIIIIIIIL em especial para FORTALEZA-CE

  58. Pls come to A U S T R A L I A !!!!!!!!!

  59. I hope you guys make it to Hilo for KWXX Hoolaulea this year!!!

  60. You guys NEED to come to North Carolina. You’re my favorite band In the whole world and I want nothing more to see you guys!! I’m in love with ALL of your music and I don’t think there is anyone else who has better reggae and ska music out there (apart from Bob Marley). Please come to NC!! You guys have life changing music and it would be the most amazing thing ever to see you guys live. Much love <3

    • Yes PLEASE come to NC. I only heard your music after you played in North Carolina last and now I cannot stop listening to ya’ll. Please make another trip through so we can all enjoy the beauty that is The Green.

  61. Please come back to Northern California like Santa Cruz area this fall season! Gotta catch my favorite band again soon!

  62. Thank you for making amazing music and spreading the positive vibrations! It is clear that you love what you do and you have a vision! Don’t forget to eat well, sleep good, exercise often, and give thanks. One Love :)

  63. Come to the Perú pleassse!!!! 😀

  64. Not coming to Santa Cruz :(

  65. I really enjoy seeing you guys perform live. Your music has a energy and beauty that really translates well live. I was able to catch the Santa Cruz and California Roots show and I am looking forward to catching you guys again in Tahoe. Keep making amazing music.


  67. Whattagwan Idren? Peace and blessings from your biggest Colorado fan! I’m sad I missed you all last time you were in Denver. Hurts I missed what I’m sure was a great show! I see you are coming to Reggae on the Rocks! I put so much positive axe’ toward this ever since we talked about it the last time we hung out and took that awesome pic, which I never posted. Still have it; where can I post it?
    Soooo Stocked to see you guys rock the Red Rocks. It is the absolute best venue in our area. Hope you can return every year! We need a vibe like yours!
    Many Blessings bredren!

  68. A melhor banda de reggae de todos os tempos
    Venham para o Brasil

  69. You guys are making living through the Polar Vortex in Ohio enjoyable. I truly love your sound and lyrics. You melt the stress of my life and take me to a happy place. Big, big thanks.

  70. are there any plans to come to Europe ?

  71. Gotta make a stop in Pittsburgh the next time you’re on the east coast. Much love over here.

  72. Aloha Spirit Bash, Aug 23, 2014, in Santa Barbara would be honored to have you perform!! Hope you all are in our area around that time.

  73. The first time I ever saw you guys I took a road trip to Vegas. There I met you and you boys took a picture of the football tees I had made. Made my year hands down!!! Then I saw you guys again at Cali Roots 2013. But now y’all will be coming to my neck of the woods.. FRESNO CA!!! I’m so stoked that I’m crying happy tears. I love you guys, but most of all I love how your music has double entendre. ONE LOVE TO THE GREEN FOR EVER AND ALWAYS! Blessed =)

  74. You should book a show in Salt Lake City… great reggae crowd here!

  75. I love your band so much, your music is honestly the best ive ever heard, pleaseeee come to the tampa bay area in florida!!!!

  76. Hope you come to SC…pretty huge underground reggae following here. We’d love to see you sometime.


    The movment would be down too I’m sure to join you!

  78. come to the Brazil!

  79. Da GREEN!

    We are having a luau at our school (Notre Dame) on March 29th, and we need some green vibes!! We will compensate!

    hit me up,

  80. playing in AR really? Come to ATL, GA, USA. I will buy two tickets and can help get the word out!

  81. I love you guys!!!! your amazing!!!!! come to Philadelphia soon please :)

  82. Hello boys! we are 8 Tahitian, we love you and we come to honolulu on holiday from January 19 to 31. please tell us if we can see you live!

  83. PLEASE COME TO CHICAGO GUYS! Chi town loves you and my wife and I would love to see you live

  84. Saw you guys in Aspen. Seeing when you guys are putting out your 2014 tour? Can’t wait to see you guys on the Islands! Take care!

  85. COME TO DC!!! Keep spreading the good vibes!


  87. Too bad you skipped Portland on this tour. When will you be back here?

  88. Get Plenty Hawaiians In Omaha, NE Would Love For You TO Play Here…Cheeeee aloha

  89. you should come down to alaska :) anchorage!
    love the green.. cheeee pono 808-907

  90. Hey guys! I use to live in Hawaii and I heard yall’s music and was really impressed so I felt the need to let as many people as I could know about yall. I play music myself and I am trying to make a name for myself and mos def artist like yall that keep me going. The Green should definitely come to Ocean City, MD to Seacrets. People would go nuts for you guys! Check out my music page if you have free time cause if yall came through town I would def like to jam if that’s possible. Raja.

  91. Hey, Would love for you guys to come to Atlanta, GA at some point. I know you can’t with this tour but please in the future. Love you guys!!!!!

  92. Love you guys! but is shwayze not coming anymore?

  93. You guys need to come back to Baltimore. Saw you there last year.

  94. There’s a nice one month break from Nov-Dec. that you can hit up L.A. on your way down to San Diego! Come on, pleeeeeease!

  95. Come play at ACE OF SPADES in sacramento! amazing venue!

  96. Come to orange county!!

  97. Come to the South Bay while your in CA! How about Saint Rocke???

  98. Brah.. u got lots of fans in and around San Diego.. why not come down here?

  99. Ya’ll gotta come to Sacramento!!!!!

  100. Can’t wait to see you in SF. Already purchased my tickets! Is for venue just for 21+ or can I plan to bring my 19 year old nephew?

  101. What about SoCal????

  102. Come to CO in November with SOJA!

  103. Aloha When are you guys coming to the mainland? Especially Cali?? Id love to see you guys live… Jus seen SOJA, bout to see Tomorrows bad seeds, Pepper, J Boog and the expendables. ur the only ones on my checklist now <3


  104. When you guys going get one “concert”(appearance) on Oahu again?

  105. Come to Los Angeles please!!!! I want to see you guys more than anything I know every single song by heart <3

  106. Would love to see you guys In Fresno, ca
    It would be a great stop between so cal and nor cal

  107. Come to Moes Alley in Santa Cruz, Califas!

  108. Las Vegas needs to go Green sometime soon! Love you guys. Always keeping the music solid, and I was lucky to attend two of your O’ahu shows before I moved up here.

  109. SAN DIEGO
    please come here! luv u guys

  110. What about The Netherlands??aaaaj…Ganja Smoking Legal Country…Come to Utrecht City…one luv Peace

  111. Would love to see you back in AZ soon. :-)

  112. please please PLEASE come to Virginia <3 <3 <3

  113. how come no more Hawai’i shows?!

  114. I went to California Roots Festival 2013 and I had never heard of you guys and missed your set. When I got back to San Diego (where I live) I found out about you guys and fell in love!!! So sad I missed such a great opportunity to see such an amazing band! The track “Trod the Hard Road” is so beyond amazing, I listen to it over and over again and I get the most overwhelming feelings of good vibes and love… it’s hard to explain! Such a beautiful melody. I hope you come to San Diego soon so I can experience seeing you guys live. Thank you for making me feel irie and positive through your music! O N E L O V E from the 619!!! :)

  115. Pleasee, Come to Braziiill!!!

  116. I checked you all out at the Cali Roots Fest in Monterey, CA Amazing. Keep on doing Jah works. Much love. :) 3


  118. I saw you guys at the House of Blues & I loveddd it! you guys are amazing! come back and do another show soon!!!!!! im hooked!

  119. I’ll be all around Hawaii from July 18th-July 28th…. Are you guys gonna be playing anywhere locally???? It’d be so chill to see you guys live…..

  120. wouldnt mind some tickets for Santa Barbara I already got mine for Saint Rocke and ANaheim HOB!


  121. Please come to El Paso, TX! Love the music. Been wanting to see you guys forever.

  122. Mile high wants THE GREEN!!!!

  123. I wanna see you guys back at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco :)

  124. Amazing Band!!! Good vibrations for you. Greetings from Argentina…

  125. Hey guys!

    First of all, you guys are AMAZING! Saw you not too long ago in Santa Cruz! Can you all come to San Francisco?! Cuz that is where its at! BTW see you in Avila!!!!!!! Nothing like celebrating my anniversary with some Green music there! :)

  126. Come to Tampa or Orlando Florida!!! You guys are my favorite reggae band!

  127. No love for the Northeast? You guys killed it up here. Come back to Philly!



  129. sept 22 at TEYCEN 1ST B DAY PARTY ON MAUI …………….BAHAWAWA

  130. Vancouver in BC Canada please!

  131. Hafa adai! !! U guy’s kill it in Vegas! !! Wasup? ?

  132. Charleston, SC

  133. Is there going to be an Ohio show this July or August? Do you ever visit the Northeast Ohio area for performamces?

  134. Caught you in Bellingham WA Mar 3rd – great show, good times. When are u coming to Vancouver BC??? Borders are a B****

  135. Mandatory show on Kaua’i!!! i just vibe all day to the green!

  136. Kia ora Cuzzn’s

    Plz come on down to Aotearoa NZ…


    Come do a “down Under” Tour and you can incorporate our Mozzie Cuzzies in Australia


  137. You all need to make a stop in the midwest sometime! Theres tons of fans here in Indiana! I love your music! How Does It Feel is my all time favorite song! I popped my stoner cherry listening to you all :)

  138. Still time for a little love on Oahu b4 the tour boys. Come on man.


  140. I’m so glad you guys extended your tour!!! i missed out on the show at St Rocke due to unfortunate circumstances, but you guys playing at The Canyon is Green music to my ears!!!

  141. Yes! Portland 2x. Can’t wait.

  142. Are Culver city, Venice beach, Marina Del Rey, or Santa Monica in any future plans? Would love to see you guys blow the roof off of Staples Center…

  143. Wen u guys comin to jersey?!

  144. April on Oahu? It’s been a while since we got to enjoy live.

  145. Any plans on Phoenix? Big reggae scene and easy flight!

  146. Saint Rocke March 8th in Hermosa Beach, CA already sold out????????? Shoots, how I’m fo get in now!? Anyone know whea dis brahdda can score two, tree maybe fo tickets?

  147. you guys totally need to come back to the east coast!!!!

  148. i think its time the green brings their smooth reggae vibes to the east.. north carolina is waiting

  149. come to Brazil!!!
    here you are super famous!


  151. Hey,
    Hope you guys stop in Oregon! Your in Washington the Cali, no reason to not make at least one stop in Oregon!

  152. Hey you guys coming to CT, NY, or MA???

  153. Just got my tixs for Santa Cruz!! Can’t wait!


  155. Any plans for a southeast US show in the future? Charleston, SC would love to have ya. Iration recently killed it, made the Expendables look bad!

  156. Please come down to san diego you guys got much love down here

  157. No San Diego on this tour? :/

  158. WTF??? u guys have no hawaii stops on the tour, its been 4eva since u guys played on the big island!! We waiting, better come soon while we still get tax return money for come c u guys and buy da merchandise!!!

  159. loving your music, i work and skate to this and nothing makes me happier or in a better vibe, iv currently bought SOJA tickets for here in australia and i cannot wait, it would be rad if you guys came down here! you should be featured in tribal seeds and the soja concert

  160. Nothing in New Mexico or Arizona????

  161. When will you guys be coming to Va or NC… I’m ready to buy my tickets again for this year…. Can’t wait!!!! Your the best band in the world… ^_^

  162. When are you guys gonna hit up Kansas. Local boy is stuck here in the military and needs some bomb ass music

  163. When are you coming back to VA?

  164. we’ve meet in milwaukee last year when you opened up for rebelution. any plans on playing summerfest here in milwuakee this year?


  165. Please come to Oregon! I’m Oahu grown moving to Vancouver WA in March. I will just miss the Tacoma gig :( need some of The Green love when I move up there!

  166. Pleeease show the east coast some love this year

  167. Come to Brazil …

    We love the sound of you …

    Reaggae always!

    Venham para o Brasil…

    Adoramos o som de vocês…

    Reaggae sempre!

  168. Saw you guys in San Francisco and CANNOT WAIT for this tour…
    Going to as many shows as possible!!

  169. Missed you guys when you came to Seattle :( had to work. wish the age limit was 18+ older for the concert in Tacoma, I would so be there!! Do u think u could change that?? Really wanna see all you guys!! Let me know!!

  170. Come on down to Florida! Been rockin your jams for a while now, would love to see you guys live!

  171. wen are you guyz coming to big island again ? kona side
    love u guys

  172. come to New Orleans!!

  173. when are yall gonna make your way to florida again. saw you guys play warped tour and in ybor. definetily bringing those irie vibes. good times. i dont know if you can hear it but Jannus live (st.petersburg) is calling your name. YEA YEA.

  174. wont you please come to portland oregon? :) my best friend tina missed you this past november because she got really sick, i would love to give her that chance to go again, she loves you guys even more than i do, probably cause she is from the island. if you added a portland date that would be so amazing!! thank you and thank you again for your beautiful souls making wonderful music! :))) i love you guys!

  175. So pumped for the California shows! Just saw you guys at the Waikiki Shell!!

  176. get yo asses to SF! found you guys a couple days ago and it hasn’t left my speakers since

  177. Much love from the east coast – Florida! You guys were amazing when I saw you last at the Social, when you comin back down??? Can’t miss out on that concert.

  178. Thank you for making it to SLO town every tour. We’ll be there!

  179. I don’t see Arizona. :(

  180. Im so glad you guys added Sacramento! Cant wait to see ya agian! You guys got to get on the ticket for Cali-Roots again next year. You guys rocked the house last year! Would love to see you guys there again this year. Much love :)

  181. Brah when you guys coming to San Diego? Hope you guys come thru yeah. Much mahalos and Mele Kalikimaka me ka Hau’oli Makahiki Hou

  182. You guys ever plan on going to Europe? There are a lot of military islanders over here.

  183. Just wondering if you will be traveling to Sydney Australia while on the Raggamuffin NZ tour?

  184. Hi…Are you guys gonna be back in the San Diego/Los Angeles area again anytime soon?

  185. When you guys gonna come back out to Cali again?

  186. New album coming anytime soon??? Alooooha, you guys are fresh

  187. I TOTALLY just missed you all in Utah, DAMN IT!

  188. Come out hea to Rapid City South Dakota we would love to see you guys!Bless no Stress!

  189. Love you guy scant wait to see you Friday San Francisco!!!

  190. Come to Vancouver, BC!!!!

  191. COME TO ORLANDO, FLORIDA IN 2013! PLEASE! It would make my year!

  192. Duuude, you guys are insanely badass. saw yall at Stubb’s in Austin. Much love from Texas come back in a hurry

  193. Im out hea stationed in Germany and listening to you guys make me feel like im back home on the island. Much luv

  194. Cant wait to see you guys at the WOW hall in Eugene! It’s great
    to have local music up here in Oregon :-) Hope you guys have a safe tour!
    and keep on continuing to use the gifts that your blessed with! you guys are amazing.

  195. Come back to the OC! I missed you guys. I have been wanting to see you guys perform after watching you play on Rebelution’s show back in February.

  196. When will you come to Australia??

  197. What about an European Tour?? PLEASEEEE!

  198. 11/17 @ SLO Brew!!! I’ll be there again!!! :)
    Can i please have a picture taken with Caleb this time? Hehehe!
    Super stoked!

  199. Hey, when are you planning a roadtrip trough Europe? Would like too see in Holland, concerthall Paradiso would be nice! gr. Rein

  200. Love, Love, Love,the album art work!!! Who does it?

  201. Love your guys’ music sooo much!!!! Can’t wait to see you guys in Phoenix on the 30th. I got the day off, driving to phx, and bought 4 tickets for my friends and I. What will make my night even BETTER is if you sing “Gotta Be” 😀

  202. Are you playing in Honolulu area over the holidays Dec 14 – 25?

  203. Come to Geoegia please!!!

  204. So pumped to see you guys and Stick in Chi-town tomorrow!!!

  205. I’m so pumped for Cambridge guys!! I can’t wait to see you again!!! 100% Pure Ear Ecstacy!!! You guys make my life so much better!!

    <3 Britt

  206. You guys should come here to Kansas. Alot of us guys from Hawaii are stationed here. Being in the army here, there is nothing for a local boy to do around here

  207. Come to El Paso Texas or to Las Cruces New Mexico was great show vans tour can’t wait to see yall play again

  208. Can’t wait for Chicago. You guys are awesome LIVE.

  209. Come to Brazil.
    I also have a reggae band called Maneva here.
    Visit the site

  210. What up guys! Congrats on the new tour!!! Can’t wait tell ya hit Seattle, we missed u guys this summer but round 2 @ the shoebox in Nov!! Can’t wait to see all u guys again! Smoke smoke, we’ll b witchya!

  211. Hey guys do you know if your going to be playing in Oahu end of January 2013 early feb?

  212. Hey guys! Could it be possible for u guys to come to Birmingham, Alabama???? I really love you guys and i think you know my dad. He was a flight attendant on one of your flights. He told me you signed CD’s and gave them to him for me and my sister. You may also know my Uncle Scott, too. He’s awesome! Anyway, I *LOVE* you guys and i really hope you come to Alabama!!!!!! ♥♥♥♥, Jessica

    • Hi Jessica,
      We are hoping to play at Hangout Fest this year in Alabama. The festival is in May and we submitted for it yesterday.
      Your dad Michael took really good care of us on our flight to Atlanta. We are all big fans of him.
      Thank you for your kind note.
      Hope to see you in bama sometime in 2013.
      The Green

  213. Aloha! Loloma! Greetings!

    I and my family are very excited to see you guys live and in concert when the Liars and Lovers Tour stops in Phoenix Arizona! We missed ya the last time you where in Flagstaff with Iration….Been jamming Ways and Means since it came out on a regular and have it in our venue mix when we do shows! Entered the contest for tix but whether I win or not, WE GONNA BE THERE!

    Blessings and Safe Travels


  214. Come to Vancouver, BC! We love your music up dis way

  215. Can you please come play Kauai. We are all a super huge fan of your music. It would be so sick. Look foward to seeing you one day. Jah bless.

  216. Big Up The Green!! you guys are the baddest reggae band believe it or not. “Decisions” will go down as one of the greatest ragga tunes of all time. Make a stop in Atlanta, GA next tour.. will try to catch you all in SC. Nuff respect in every aspect!!Jah bless

  217. So so so excited you are coming to OR this year!! Cannot wait to see you! Will get all da hawaiians I golf wit to come too!

  218. Come to the cornfields in Nebraska!!! It’s a boring place, but there’s plenny ppl that wanna see you guys including me!!!!! :)

  219. Make a stop in Virginia Beachhh! Plenty of venues here

  220. PLEASE COME TO NEW ORLEANS!!! I’ve been dying to see y’all live!

  221. You guys should come to Sacramento! We love you guys!

  222. Your stopping in SLO (San Luis Obispo), but not SB (Santa Barbara)? Please make that a stop next time!

  223. No Canada dates. :(

  224. Alabama needs you guys back here again.!!!

  225. It would be amazing to see you guys in Albuquerque NM again!

  226. Any plan of coming to Australia or New Zealand? Would love to see you guys live!!!plz Plz! Much aloha!

  227. Come to Texas please:)

  228. Hi. I love your music & so I have been looking forward to see your concert at Kadena AB tomorrow. n guess what? I saw you at Naha airpot today when I dropped off my fiance. I’m excited to see you tomorrow!!

  229. I hear the Green coming to SF Cali :)

  230. When are you all coming to Dallas, Texas??

  231. Come to Vermont. Lots of great spots to perform (Higher Ground, So Burlington, VT) I think you’d really be embraced by this area. I discovered your music in the Virgin Islands this April. Bring big Hawaiian love to VT…please.

  232. dudes you totally just skip over wisconsin we blow green and dig reggae like no other

  233. Come to Omaha! Or even Kansas or Iowa, somewhere close to Nebraska! I want to see you guys SO bad!

  234. When r u playing here (Oahu) next? Enjoyed da Lanikai show under da stars. Love that u guys had so much love n energy 4 da kekis!

  235. no texas:((((((((((((((((((((((( i miss you guys!!

  236. You guys need to come to Sacramento Ca!!!!

  237. See you at the HOB WeHo!!

  238. The Green!!! U guyz should com checc alaska choke island peepz ova hea… Had couple reggae rajahz but pretty shua if u guz came up wit natrual vibez would b 1 mean rayjah… Love fo cee u guyz live heard u guyz iz 3mean… Hope u guyz have 1mean tour n show da world island stylin’ oooooooo ride… Shootz ALOHAz

  239. when you guys going come back maui?

  240. Cuzz, no Texas stops?? Man, it sure would be nice to hear some tunes from home here in Austin!!

  241. Come on down to new orleans! We show love and party hard!

  242. when come in mexico!! see ya my band


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