The Green formed on O‘ahu, Hawai‘i in 2009 as a vehicle for six different members of Hawaii’s tight-knit music scene...

Who is
The Green?
caleb 3

Caleb (vcl)

Honolulu, HI
JP 2

JP (gtr/vcl)

Honolulu, HI

Zion (gtr/vcl)

Kailua, HI
bear 4

Ikaika (keys/vcl)

Kailua, HI

BW (bass/keys)

Kailua, HI
Jordan 2

Jordan (drm)

Pearl City, HI

Spontaneous Inspiration

Inspiration is a spontaneous thing. It’s an unexpected occurrence defined as an unconscious burst of creative energy. The word itself means “to breathe into”. As musicians, writers, artists and creators we are always looking for that moment of inspiration to create our next work. When “that moment” happens, you can almost feel it. We believe in that feeling and will commit to following it wherever it takes us through the creative process.

Sometimes that feeling serves to give you not a new song or piece of artwork, but a reinforcement of your own beliefs and an internal strengthening of your love for what you do.
One day about 4 years ago, I was inspired when I met three young boys on the beach. I was lifeguarding at a spot on the west side of Oahu just watching the water from the tower when these three young local boys came walking up. They asked if they could sit on the stairs and talk story. The water was empty and the beach was mellow so I happily let them hang out. All three of them went to school nearby and lived on the beach with their families. These boys couldn’t have been more than 10 years old but they were honestly some of the smartest and most interesting people I’d ever talked to. They lived a tough life and were growing up a little too quick but everything they had been through made them so sharp. They were on it! They told me how appreciative they were that we were here to watch them and keep them safe while they surfed. I told them that we will always be watching but that we appreciate them watching out for each other and depend on them to help keep each other safe since they are in the water and closer to the action than we are sometimes. I could feel a sense of pride lighting up in them as they told me stories of things that had gone down at that spot and how they helped or where involved. We talked for awhile. I was having an awesome conversation just me and these 3 kids as if it were 4 adults just talking story. It was such a breath of fresh air and while it was sad to see them without a solid roof over their heads, it was really inspiring to hear them speak so thoughtfully and with so much wisdom.

These keiki left me inspired… still to this day, with an enduring hope for our youth and our people who are up against the hardest circumstances. I wonder how those kids are doing now… SPONTANEOUS INSPIRATION

Tumble Land – Photo by Gregg Daniels


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  1. Zion that’s so moving, to think that these kids are out there without a place to call home and they’re still able to look at everything that crosses their path with kindness and full of gratitude. If every human were like this the world it would be incredible. I’m assuming they we’re there on the islands.. every individual one of you living there must be at complete peace with yourselves. I cannot even imagine the luxury of growing up on such a vast island. You must have astonishing stories to pass along!

    Thank you so much for your inspirational story. You’re an amazing artist, I’ve had the pleasure to see you and your wonderful friends in concert twice this year. Petaluma & Monterey California. Both outstanding shows. Thanks again. Come again soon! & maybe consider more meet n’ greets! 😉 It was sick seeing you just chillin’ out at your booth, next time at roots fest make your rounds, you’d be amazed by how many interesting stories you’ll hear. :)
    Have a grateful week!

  2. I saw you guys perform in San Francisco Friday night, I had the most amazing time. You guys have so much passion and love… Its contageous!
    My University volleyball team met you guys at the airport in oahu a few years ago and I’ve been a fan ever since.

    I came into work at 5am and have been jammin to you guys all morning…the green is still pumping through my veins!

    I love this post and your story, thanks for sharing, and making awesome music.. and being awesome in general!

    I LOVE the LOVE you spread <3

  3. cannot WAIT to see you in SF!

  4. Nice, it’s shining moments like this that help remind me that there is plenty of potential for greatness in this world. I think that a lot of people feel as if there is no hope for humanity when all they need to do is open their ears to the youth. It seems like if the youth of the world could work WITH the leaders then we could make the world a place to live in the future, unlike now when it seems like the norm for problem solving is excuse making and empty promises.

    Sorry about the rant, but I felt a little SPONTANEOUS INSPIRATION.

  5. this just made me smile, miss the westside vibes. new website is great, really proud of you boys.

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