The Green formed on O‘ahu, Hawai‘i in 2009 as a vehicle for six different members of Hawaii’s tight-knit music scene...

Who is
The Green?
caleb 3

Caleb (vcl)

Honolulu, HI
JP 2

JP (gtr/vcl)

Honolulu, HI

Zion (gtr/vcl)

Kailua, HI
bear 4

Ikaika (keys/vcl)

Kailua, HI

BW (bass/keys)

Kailua, HI
Jordan 2

Jordan (drm)

Pearl City, HI

Aloha from Hurley Studios

Aloha Green fam!

It stokes me out to tell you that we are now working on our third album. We just popped in to Costa Mesa, CA to record at the super sick, super good vibes Hurley Studios, and things have been magical so far. We got a nice cozy pad that we barely spend anytime in because we’re in the studio all day, but we wish we could spend more time there cuz it’s amazing. The people here at Hurley really have the Aloha spirit which is important to us because it helps us feel closer to home. Mahalo to Hurley for supporting our mission. Anyways, we can’t wait for you guys to hear the new album, we think it’s the best one yet, but obviously you will be the judge of that! That’s all for now… easy star.

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  1. THE GREEN, you guys are the the best. I first heard you open up for Iration a few years ago in a small venue in DALLAS and you guys have become my favorite band. So pumped for more great jams and great music. All I listen to is you guys and try to get more people to play your music. KEEP UP THE GOOD HARD WORK. Keep jamming. Thanks.

  2. This makes my heart smile the show at Saint Rocke was so good I lost my voice and it was the BEAT SHOW EVER!!! it has been almost a year of only listening to you guys everyday with a sprinkle of the Expanders n Katchafire n J boog but mostly strictly The Green I’m driving everyone crazy so a new album is literally music to my ear drums n my heart is smiling big style:) thank you!!!!!!!

  3. What up the green!!!!just want to say real quick you guys rock mann!! you guys make amazing music!!each one of you guys are soo talented and have such passion for music that its contagious and when its put together you get THE GREEN jaja, keep killing it stay strong and true as a band and keep that good oh sooo sweet vibes coming, MUCH LOVEE AND RESPECT FROM THAT BIGG SUNNY SAN DIEGO CALIFORNIA!! HOPE TO SEE YOU GUYS HERE IN SAN DIEGO ONE DAY!! ONE LOVE MAHALO!

    -Anthony Oriol San Diego,CA

  4. Hey Bruddas… Big Congrats on the newly finished release… I see your in my old hood, as I’m from Newport Beach… There’s No Doubt you’re spreading good vibes and sharing your love with others… Looking soooo forward to the new CD/Album… I swear I know every word to all the others… (Maybe you should take me on tour as a backup singer… hahaha) Anyway, looking forward to seeing all of you real soon in Cali… As always… Much Love and Safe Travels… Erndogg
    (P.S. Say Hi to Lil’ Ernie III for me in Stateline) Aloha. . .

  5. AWESOME!!!!!! – so excited to hear the new stuff – “Best one yet” will be hard to beat your last 2!!!! But guess I’ll just have to wait to hear the new album!!!!! – but I am in Hawaii on Kauai – when you coming home to do another concert here? Keep up the great work – THE GREEN IS COMING!!!!! Aloha

  6. Just HAD TO WRITE to tell you how proud you make me. Zion and Kaika Bear, you are my boys. I am so thrilled for this beautiful adventure you are on…..your fantastic lives! This is it! You have proven yourselves as fantastic musicians and your words have such power of goodness … are truly an inspiration to all generations…..everyone can relate! As a group….you have each perfected you own individual styles and I love your diversity …..I CAN HARDLY WAIT FOR YOUR NEW ALBUM! I am so proud of how you all represent the true being of the Islands…. Much aloha and Big hugs!!!!

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