Who is
The Green?

Caleb (vcl)

Honolulu, HI

JP (gtr/vcl)

Honolulu, HI

Zion (gtr/vcl)

Kailua, HI

Ikaika (keys/vcl)

Kailua, HI

BW (bass/keys)

Kailua, HI

Jordan (drm)

Makakilo, HI


HAWAI‘I ’13 (2013)
1. He Mele No Ku’u Hawai‘i
2. Even Before
3. Good One
4. Something About It
5. Power in the Words
6. Good Vibe Killah
7. Chocolates & Roses
8. Hold Me Tight
9. Striking up a Love
10. Take Me On
11. Forgive Me
12. Count to 3
13. Stand & Rise
14. Always & Forever
15. Hawai‘i Aloha
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LIAR (2012)
1. Liar
2. Love & Affection (Bill Van Remix)
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WAYS & MEANS (2011)
1. Keep On
2. Decisions
3. Gotta Be
4. Travlah
5. Ways & Means
6. Jah Love
7. Got Me In Love
8. Love & Affection
9. Good Vibration
10. Love Is Strong
11. She Was the Best
12. Transparent People
13. Come In (feat. Jacob Hemphill)
14. That’s The Way
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THE GREEN (2010)
1. What Will Be Will Be
2. Love I
3. Never
4. Runaway Train
5. Alone
6. Dearest Sylvia
7. Wake Up
8. Alive
9. How Does It Feel (feat. Kimie)
10. Love Machine
11. I’m Yours
12. Trod the Hard Road
13. Rootsie Roots
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The following is a partial list of some key stores that we know carry (or have carried) our music. There are also many more local stores that may have it. We recommend calling to check if the album is in stock before you go.

All military bases
Hungry Ear
Don Quijote
Barnes and Noble

Barnes & Noble
Bull Moose (Maine)
Cactus (Houston)
CD World (Eugene, OR)
Central Square (Florida)
Dimple (California)
Disc And Dat (Colorado)
Disc Exchange (Knoxville, TN)
Earshot (Greenville, SC)
Easy Street (Seattle)
Electric Fetus (Minneapolis)
Euclid Records (St. Louis)
Finders (Bowling Green, OH)
Hollywood Amoeba (Los Angeles)
Homer’s (Omaha/Lincoln, NE)
Hoodlum’s (Tempe, AZ)
Independent Records (Colorado)
Indy CD & Vinyl (Indianapolis)
J&R Music World (NYC)
Kief’s (Lawrence, KS)
Lakeshore (Rochester, NY)
The Long Ear (Coeur D’Alene, ID)
Looney Tunes (Long Island, NY)
Lou’s Records (Encinitas, CA)
Magnolia Thunderpussy (Columbus, OH)
Music Millennium (Portland, OR)
Newbury Comics (Massachusetts)
Off The Record (Yakima, WA)
Oz (Tuscaloosa, AL)
Park Avenue (Orlando)
Plan 9 (Richmond, VA)
Pure Pop (Burlington, VT)
Rainbow (Newark, DE)
Rasputin’s (Bay Area)
Record Archive (Rochester, NY)
Record Exchange (Boise, ID)
Rhino/Mad Platter (Claremont-Riverside, CA)
Rockin’ Rudy’s (Missoula, MT)
Rolling Stone (Chicago)
Salzer’s (Ventura, CA)
Schoolkids (NC/GA)
Silver Platters (Northwest)
Sonic Boom (Seattle)
Sound Garden (Baltimore)
Streetlight (San Jose, CA)
Strictly Discs (Madison, WI)
T-Bones (Hattiesburg, MS)
Twist & Shout (Denver, CO)
Uncle Sam’s (Miami)
Waterloo (Austin)
Zia (Southwest)

New Zealand:
JB Hi-Fi
Warehouse Records

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  2. Can you post the lyrics to “Alone” and “Never” please?

  3. Love you guys! Mahalo for coming to Nike! XO Keep up the awesome music – Much Aloha.


  4. I love your music! Where can I find the lyrics to “Take Me On”? Google has nothing and I think I’m singing some parts wrong! :) Thanks in advance.

  5. Love this song

  6. I really like your music. I would like to hear you playing live here in México City

  7. Aloha! Please post your lyrics, your messages are wonderful!

  8. You guys are one of my largest inspirations in my music and I hope one day ill be able to play for the same crowd. Much love and be safe guys! P.s any pointers would be MUCH appreciated. Peace:D

  9. You guys are completely amazing, my browser is open 24/7 constantly replaying the songs. You guys just played at FreeBird, I lived in Jacksonville a year ago before I had to move to another country, I wish I could have been there to listen to you guys live. Keep it up, definitely hoping you guys get bigger and play in other countries such as Brazil which I’m currently at, though I will see you guys before that ever happens, I can’t wait. Just amazing, :)

    - Attis Barros

  10. Show LA some love!!! Waikiki City Boy out here reppin Honolulu, HI daily. Im tryna show my people on tha mainland how us island boys get dowwwnnn….when u comin out here?!

  11. Hello,

    Really like your music. Could you please email me the lyrics to Never?


    Peace and love.

  12. Please email me the lyrics to “Something About It” and “Hold You Tight”! I absolutely love them but can’t find lyrics anywhere

  13. I have been listening to your songs for the past two weeks NON STOP! love you guys and wish I’d found out about y’all before. GLAD I FOUND YALL! I’ve been going crazy trying to find the lyrics to Something About It and can’t find them anywhere! can you help me with that?! love y’all!

  14. We need lyrics!

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