The Green formed on O‘ahu, Hawai‘i in 2009 as a vehicle for six different members of Hawaii’s tight-knit music scene...

Who is
The Green?
caleb 3

Caleb (vcl)

Honolulu, HI
JP 2

JP (gtr/vcl)

Honolulu, HI

Zion (gtr/vcl)

Kailua, HI
bear 4

Ikaika (keys/vcl)

Kailua, HI

BW (bass/keys)

Kailua, HI
Jordan 2

Jordan (drm)

Makakilo, HI


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Caleb Keolanui – Lead Vocals
Ikaika Antone – Keys, Lead Vocals
JP Kennedy – Guitar, Lead Vocals
Zion Thompson – Guitar, Lead Vocals
Brad “BW” Watanabe – Bass, Keys
Jordan Espinoza – Drums

Kyle Wilensky and Jared Martin
jared.martin [at]

Ineffable Music Group
Seth Herman
seth [at]

Community Management / Press:
Ineffable Music Group | Herbivore PR
Curtis Bergesen
curtis [at]

Tour Management:
Arium Talent
Kimo Kennedy

Easy Star Records
Lem Oppenheimer
Eric Smith

Business Management:
The Greenroom Resource
Pete Frostic

Contact the band:
thegreen808 [at]

Friends and Supporters:

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  1. Come to michigan love u gyys!!!

  2. Aloha fellas !
    I was searching for a gig and noticed you’ll be on a break during the time I will be in Honolulu. Will you guys be doing any gigs during March 14th-20th by any chance? I would love to see you guys do a home show!

    Mahalo, much love.

  3. howzit much love from Colorado im going to the show in boulder tomoro I was wondering if you guys have any v.i.p tickets avalible for that show?? was looking to get some if possible…yall killed red rocks last august..have connection to the best FRUIT this state has to offer cheehoo!! cant wait for the show one love from the CO. shaka

  4. Hey Guys – I was just looking up your albums on the Android Play store and noticed there is a electronic band out of Atlanta using the same name. LOL I was just confused at first because I thought you released a new album! Anyway. I now Have all of your albums! Mahalo as always for the great tunes!

  5. Aloha Guys!

    I just wanted to thank you for making some great music! My family and I are from BC, Canada and we just got back from a holiday in Honolulu. I, being a music aficionado, was searching for some new music when I came across your Hawaii ’13 album. My first introduction intro Hawaiian and/or Reggae music. I must say that the album not only instantly inspired me to go to a couple Jellys locations to grab your other two discs, but it also has changed my musical taste literally.

    Before going to Hawaii all I listened to was METAL. Bands like In Flames, Hellyeah, Demon Hunter, All That Remains, Asking Alexandria, etc. But ever since finding your music, I have been UNABLE to go back and listen to my metal music. Just been playing the three discs non-stop! I don’t know if this is a permanent change or not, but I just wanted to thank you for expanding my horizons and making my already memorable holiday, even better!


    ~ Jackson

    • Jackson…..lots of good music from Hawai’i Nei to listen to….Katchafire, Natty Vibes (NaturalVibrations) Irration, Pepper etc…..check it out Bra….lots of great stuff coming out of the Islands….Pepper will be in Vancouver on Dec 7th @ The Venue…I don’t know where in B.C. you are located but hey….check it out.

      • Awesome! Thanks Sheryl.

        It’s crazy. I started listening to The Green, and then found SOJA through the “Come In” track on Ways & Means, and then from there found Michael Franti thru SOJA’s track “I Believe”. Been loving the adventure! The Green & J Boog just came here (@Venue in Vancouver) on November 19th and it was awesome. My wife and I met JP, Ikaika and Zion after the show. Totally helps that the guys are as cool as their music is good. Was an awesome experience.

        Thanks for the recommendations. I’ll check em out!

  6. by: Wenderson Brendo Félix

    for: the green band

    Alloha! i´m Brendo and i want know if is possible you come to Brasil, preferably, Ceará where is my home, Fortaleza city!
    when have you guys on a tour of Latin america please include Fortaleza.
    I’m a big fan of the green band!
    and will be a privilege to receive them in my country!
    and even more thanks for listening.

  7. Aloha, I attended the Bruno Mars concert in Honolulu, Hawaii back in April 2014, just letting you guys know that you are awesome and I would like to know when you are coming to Maui. Please let us know so we can see you in concert again.

    Belinda Massey and Joyce Zaragosa

  8. Aloha,
    I just wanna say mahalo nui loa for creating positive vibe music. I moved to Cali by myself my senior year of high school (I went to Kamehameha), and without a doubt listening to you made my transition to the mainland so much easier. Keep on jamming away, and sharing your good vibes with everyone. Whenever I get the chance I always tell my friends here in Cali to check you guys out on Youtube, Facebook, iTunes, and of course your website. I may be a Cali boy now, but I will always have the islands with me by listening to your music. I MUA i na koa no ke akua – Continue to move forward warriors of God. God bless! A hui hou. Malama pono.

  9. U guys rocked it hard last night in Sac! Love u guys, can’t wait to see u in Berkeley @ The Greek! My only complaint is that u guys sold NO MERCH! I wanted to buy a few t-shirts, especially the floral pattern u guys projected, but nothing! I looked at ur website and cannot find that specific shirt for sale. Can I get some help?? Haha have $$ in hand, need a XXL. Wuts goooood?! Thanks guys for being such an awesome band…

  10. any chance you guys could post up the chords to count to 3??? thats the jam…

  11. Dear band! much props for your music!
    I’m not only loving your tracks, I have my two little daughters age 4 and 6 requesting your songs on my car stereo daily
    They love Power in the Words, Keep on and Goodvibe Killer best.

    Keep doin what u doin and hope to see you sometime somewhere in my hometown Kralendijk Bonaire in the future..


  12. Mahalo The Green,

    Where do I start? … I went to the East Coast Vibes concert in Gisborne last night and oh my gosh you were everything AND MORE! You were the act that I went to the concert to see and you were more than worth it! I have and know all your albums and love all of your acoustic jams as well! We were so lucky to have you here in Aotearoa! The meanest reggae band out with so much talent. Next on my bucket list is to come and see you live again in your country. So much aroha to you all, and have a safe journey home.

  13. I want to start off by saying you guys are amazing! I found ya’ll through “Come In” because I am a huge Soja fan.. I am actually in a reggae band, RastaMiles, we won best new reggae artist of Virginia for 2013. Just wanted to say, if you guys ever come through Virginia, or the east coast, you got yourself an opening band ;) We are hitting a rough patch though, we need a bassist and keyboardist. Hope to play a show you guys one day, God Bless.

  14. Heard from my nephew you’re returning to Higher Groundz 2014 in POZO! Might have to visit my california fam and fly down from Alaska again! One hour set this time! “…keep me safe from the storm, and I’ll be there, yes I’ll be there…” happy holidays to ya’ll…

  15. How can you book a private party so that the band The Green can play at?

  16. Hello,

    two things…

    1. why is the band not coming near los angeles on the tour? slo or san diego only?
    2. For the slo show, are there actual seats, I live 3 hours away minimum, and want to attend, however standing for a show is not an option for me. please email me thanks


  17. Hello! I am writing from Flagstaff, Arizona! I am hoping some time next year The Green would be able to make a stop at our awesome local venue, the Orpheum. I was hoping to write a letter because its more personal and you all are worth it ;] If i could get a mailing address that would be great. Thank you!

  18. Your show last night at The Warehouse Live in Houston was terrific!
    You guys are so impressive.
    Great musicians, great guys, and the kids at your concert have a memory of a lifetime.
    Thanks for coming to Houston. Please come again.
    In the mean-time I’ll be buying all your music.

  19. aloha, your guys song chocolates and roses melts my heart :) is there any possible way to get a copy of the sheet music for the piano? i would love to learn how to play it. i would soooo super appreciate it :) mahalo nui!!

  20. Hey, just wondering if you guys do private functions? Birthdays etc. Would be great if I could have this band playing in New Zealand at my birthday. I am such a huge fan!!!!!

  21. Is there anywhere on Oahu that I can buy some The Green Band merchandise? Mainly T shirts, hats, and bracelets or wristbands. Saw that can order online, but i like check um out in person.

    Aloha and Mahalo.

  22. Aloha The Green,

    Do you license your music? Could I get some information if possible?

    Your words and beats are an inspiration, keep up the great sound!



  23. Who does the artwork for your guys’ albums and promotion stuff. I absolutely love it and would love to try and buy some art or prints off of him or her. Much love and thanks in advance!



  24. I would like you guys for my daughters 1st luau….I live Oahu lmk an let’s get this show started!!!!!

  25. It would be great if you guys made posters available to buy in your shop ! Your album covers are amazing

  26. OK, love your music, proud of you coming from Hawaii. I grew up on Oahu, Waianae. Now living on Maui. I would really love to see you guys perform,here in Kahului. If I don’t win the tickets, I goin be in the back of the MACC, listening in the parking lot. Nah joke. But yeah, that’s how much I love you guys. If I no more money that’s where you’ll find me. But if I get money, its all good. Anyway let me know when you guys comin’ k? I goin save up my money. Aloha, love you guys Your Aunty JACKIE hugs&kisses

  27. Aloha Guy’s,
    Do you do private party’s?

    I’m getting married on Aug 3rd, would love for you guys to put it down at my reception?

  28. See u guyz at raggamuffn NZ, Im travelln from Australia with sum mates to see you, can u bring plenty of merch, really after a trucker hat

  29. Hello, I was wondering whom would I need to contact about your music videos?

  30. Please come to South Florida, We’d treat you right! We love you guys down here!!

  31. Wanted to no if u guys did weddings. Lmk plz

  32. The Green Band,
    Your music is incredible and you guys are amazingly talented. Your music mean very much to me–& you should know! Your write great songs, I relate to your lyrics. Your performances are so much fun! It was fun meeting you guys I hope to again next year! I appreciate your positive message and love you put in the music. I wish you the best in the music business and I will always tell everyone about The Green Band. I see you are coming back to Colorado and Ill see you in Breckenridge! Health and Happiness to you and your families.
    Alexandra(Grand Junction,CO)

  33. hey Guys any chance you stop by Houston… I just learned about you about a week ago… I was in Chicago the time you were there i wish i would have known… Anywhere in Texas I would go… I live in an Island south of Houston… Cant wait to see you guy!

  34. Is there anywhere here on Oahu to get merch? or only online?

  35. I Loveeeeee The Green ! Hahaaa ! I Think Yous Are Under Rated !

    Yous Should Come To Western Australia Next Year For ‘Pacific Vibes’ If They Have One .. Or Even NZ Natural Music Festival I Know Yous Arent From NZ But Its Probably The Biggest And Best ‘Homegrown , Reggae & Dub Festival In Australia’ And Its ONLY Held In WA :) People From All Over The AUS + NZ Fly Just To Be There ! And Its Only Been Going For 2 Years ! Straight Up MEAN ! .. Please Take A Look @

    Ohh ! I Was Also Wondering Who Is The Artist Who Created The Image Of The Girl With Octapus Tenticles On Her Head (On Your Guys Store Page) .. Would Love To Buy A Canvas Piece Of It Or Something .

    CANNOT WAIT ! To Hear New Music From Yous :))) ..

  36. Can’t wait to see The Green in SF.!!!! We saw your band for the first time this year in Chgo., and coincidence we’re going to fly to SF. tonight to start our vacation. Love the music.

  37. ALOHA,Big LOVE to you,Bill & I saw you at The Blind Pig in Ann Arbor,MI. Mahalo for signing our shirts and CD’s. THE GREEN is amazing. We were the one’s wearing the Hilo Ho’olaule’a shirts. MAHALO NUI,Fireman Bill&Brenda.

  38. Hi Guys,

    I absolutely love your music. I grew up in Hawaii and now living in Cali. miss all the local sounds when I stumbled upon Island 98.5 on iheart radio. Now I can listen to all the local sounds all day everyday! I heard about your concert tour on the station and wished I could go. I looked online and seen you all are coming out here the beginning of November (Yayyy) :). My birthday is this weekend so gonna get tickets to your show in Anaheim as a b-day present to myself! Cant wait to go!

  39. I am a japanese DJ.
    I love your music , so I have your CDs.

    But I want your vinyls.
    Have The Green ever released the vinyls?
    Let me know.


  40. We caught your Chicago show it was awesome!!! The other 2 bands were worth the wait, since we got there at 7:30. OMG Caleb, we were talking to you at your table before the show, and so sorry did’nt realize it was you. You were so personable, mahalo for stopping in Chi_Town, please come back.

  41. you have a show coming up in chicago this friday.. it starts at 7.. what time will you be on stage and how long or what time will it end? cant wait for the show!

  42. Aloha Guys,
    Hey I work with Bruddah Waltah, wondering if you guys would like to add a song to a project to give back to the community. It only requires one song going on a Hawaiian Reggae Album?
    Let me know.

    Jonathan Ditto

  43. Hey Caleb,

    Im here in Orlando Fl and will be there for your concert next weekend, by the way Happy B day to your moms and I really need to know If your brother Micah will be there…? Ima go with a bunch of my Poly freinds that typically bounce ( Security ) for the hawaii bands downtown, Hopefully we can meet !!!

    One Love !!!!!

  44. I love your music and listen to it on a daily basis. It has helped me look at life a little different and totally helps brighten my sprites when I am in a bad mood. So, Thanks for being so awesome and sending out a great message. The other thing I love about your music is that I can let my kids listen to it and they love it too! You rock, hope to see you at the Chicago show, wanna be there but its gotta fit into the finances. Later Guys.

  45. I’m a big fan of you, I was fortunate to meet and hear the sound of you last year through youtube.
    Sorry for bad English because I’m from Brazil, the city of Porto Alegre.
    I show the sound of you to everyone I know, and sure you guys already have many fans here.
    When you guys have the opportunity to come here and play, will be a grand pleasure recebels.

    Health and success.


  46. Kia ora from New Zealand

    sooo the BIG QUESTION is can you please come to NEW ZEALAND, and do a tour !!!!!! You are much loved over here and your music is amazing…
    Also could you please say YES to Raggamuffin 2013 I would only BUY a ticket if you were going to be performing… and i say that for all my whanau (family) that have heard and listen to your music everyday… please please please

    Hei Kona

    Maryjane Winiata

    • Kia Ora Maryjane,

      If we get an offer for Raggamuffin, we will be there. We have been wanting to make it to New Zealand for a few years and everyone of your thoughts, comments, and emails really does help.
      We hope to have some news in the coming weeks.


      The Green

      • Hey guys your album is the only one that I have been listening to since 2011 nearly everyday man NO LIES…My whole family loves you guys right down to my 2 year old niece you fullas are the bomb so come to NZ…raggamuffin or exoduz OR just have your guys own show here Man ill buy tickets for all my whanau….LOve you guys heapz…


  47. Hi in the video on your home page I was just really curious as to what song the boy in the red shirt was singing? It’s a great time can’t wait to see you guys in Philly!

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